Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Masks I wish I could have Worn

I have discovered tragically much too late in life, all the career paths I wish I could have chosen. I developed as a person with a multitude of interests of which a few got expressed personally (why gardening and photography were a passion) but I certainly have through others.

They were:

An Opera Singer, Pianist, Ballet Dancer, and Figure Skater. I so desired to express myself physically through music. (Fortunately I get to experience them all today in my dreams.)

An Artist, Gemologist, or someone working with colors and textures.

A Horticulturist, Hybradizer or Garden Architect.

A Gourmet Chef. Almost achieved that without training but watched a lot of Cooking shows on TV and had a multitude of Cookbooks. Cooked everything from scratch always. Even today, I could probably teach a cooking class.

A Photographer. I always wanted to travel the world capturing images of all the head wear that people have created to enhance their appearance. I wanted to go back into history and record everything that ever adorned a human head. What a fascinating career that would have been involving exploring the world and research.

If I had a choice today, I really don't know which one I would have chosen. But it's a lovely thought to know that I have so many varied interests. I grew up in a time where there were few possibilities if any, for women to have career options nor did I have the means. Back then they were Secretary, Nurse or Teacher. I went to work full time at age 15 at an insurance company. The worst possible outcome for me. Did not allow for any creativity and why I think I became a Dreamer and spent a lot of my time fantazising. We do what we HAVE to do. Perhaps in another life.

~ Tutte ~