Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Chosen Path

Entangled in the Weave of the Past by my friend Gun Legler

Your souls have chosen this particular way of the earth walk;
have chosen the beings you walk with;
have chosen the experiences you have had and are about to have;
all in preparation for soul growth.
In essence, you are choosing what is required of you to take the next
step that will push you just a little further.
Your soul is requiring this process.

Now, you can pretend at times that you don't hear it, or you don't see it or feel it.
The soul will continue on the path until you align with the truth
that this is indeed the best growth for your next piece on the path of travel and Light.

Whatever circumstance brings you to this place;
whatever person asks you to stretch a little further;
whatever relationship to whatever in your life asks you to go a little further --
examine it before you push it away,
because you are being brought exactly what is going to take you
to the next step toward growth on the spiritual journey.

~ Shirley Knapp & Nanette McLane ~

A quote I need to remind myself of daily. Tutte