Sunday, July 4, 2010

What Is Life Without the Pleasure of Food?

Summer is the season for BBQ's. It's been over 10 years since I have partaken of such a feast. Arch had his own recipe for BBQ sauce and we always had a grill. I loved it.

Since my mouth and new dental plate problems, I have been reduced to food that I can gum. Not exactly Baby Food but close to it. I so desire to have a good T-bone steak or a Prime Rib Roast along with a fresh salad. We take eating and it's pleasure for granted until it is gone. My problem was brought on by Stress. Today, after I have gummed my food, I have a reaction in my mouth that feels like a bag of cotton balls soaked in an astringent and so what should have been a pleasure becomes just the opposite. No doubt, the stress around not eating what one desire's brings it on in the first place. It's a viscious cycle. Without funds to get implants, I will have to live with this forever. What else will come my way I wonder? Never anticipated this problem or so many others. Is it any wonder I suffer from PTSD?

~ Tutte ~