Thursday, July 22, 2010


I never had a huge desire to become a Mother. My first pregnancy caught me by surprise but once that first baby arrived (Shaun weighing in at 11.3 lbs) I fell madly in love and discovered for the first time in my life what Unconditional Love really meant. It was and has been the most profound experience of my Life. 2 years later I gave birth to my beloved Ryan. I spent every waking moment nurturing my boys and my husband would often say that I was like a Mother Lion with her cubs constantly on her body. Indeed they were and I thrived on it. Fortunately I had the ability to quit work and become a stay-at-home Mom. I only had a babysitter once. It was a huge sacrifice financially and little did I know how it would affect me in the future but I have no regrets. I would never have traded a moment of future security for the precious moments I spent with my babies.

~ Tutte ~