Wednesday, July 28, 2010


"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world".

~ Oscar Wilde ~

I expect that is why I am so resistant to going to bed. I don't want to face another dawn/day with nothing to do and without a purpose. I much prefer to dream my life away during the daylight hours.

My dreams are filled with activity, interactions, creativity etc. That is where I Really Exist today. Far more enjoyable. In fact, I wake up most of the time absolutely in awe of the experiences I have had. The 'real world' is mundane and depressive when one is Alone and in comparison. It is evident obviously, that my mind is a very fertile ground and I am so grateful. Of course it always has been so I shouldn't be surprised but I continue to be.

Every dream is like a little miracle. Am always astounded by what it creates that has no correlation to any experiences I have ever had. It is really like entering into another dimension. Thankfully I remember most of them even if in just snippets. My step-daughter Susan who has an interest, has always said I should write a book about my dreams but I can't. In retrospect and often during the experience, they are a Kaleidoscopic. Scenes and events change so quickly.

Currently my Dreams are filled with Computer games since I spend a lot of my waking hours playing those. They help pass the time. What amazes me profoundly, is that in my dreams, I create my own, with graphics, puzzles and solutions that I have never played. I am able to return to a puzzle and complete it even with a bathroom break. It just blows my mind, how is my brain able to do that? It must to be tapped into something beyond my comprehension. I expect is. Am I weird or what?

I have no explanation for any of this!!! Is there a Supreme IP somewhere out there in the Ether? I expect there is and find that very exciting. Probably the Ultimate Mother Board we are all hooked up to and depending on our software, we will have quicker access than others. I have no idea why my mind came up with this analogy tonight but the more I think about it, on many levels, the more sense it makes. Our brains are all mini computers that operate the functions of our physical beings. Our hardware. There is also the component of software that we are not conscious of and very different. Our Mind and 'Heart'. The Software certainly wasn't something we chose in our childhood. Our circumstances and experiences vary from one extreme to another but as we mature, we have the option in self-awareness, of upgrading to something that runs more efficiently and meet our current needs. We should be able to continue to upgrade depending on our intentions and personal growth.

Can't believe this thought just entered my mind and will have to explore that further. But on one level it does make sense since I have for a long time, defined GOD as Universal Intelligence. The exercise of exploring this will provide me with some food for thought in the coming days. That's a good thing.

~ Tutte ~