Monday, July 26, 2010

Cherry Season

I wait all year for this season to arrive since Cherries are my favorite fruit and I have discovered I can eat them without my uppor plate. No pits or hard skin. Needless to say, I pig out for about three weeks and then have to wait another year to indulge.

I shall always hold cherries deep in my memories since my beloved Grandfather had many trees in his garden of different varieties. My favorite were the red and yellow ones and now can't remember their names. Morelles perhaps. They seemed the sweetest. I remember one summer when my sister and I had to take the train for our summer holiday, he gave each of us a shoe box full of cherries to enjoy on the ride.

It seems the cherries I purchase today are so much bigger than ever before and I can't help but wonder if they have been manipulated in some way or it's a particular genus. There are so many things about the food we eat today that we know little about. Nothing is ever as it appears. Too much genetic Engineering. So sad! I loved it when I grew my own vegetables. The tomatoes were so de/luscious and the corn could be eaten raw off the stalk and tasted like candy. Today what I get at the grocery story is so starchy and tasteless unless locally grown. Fortunately I live in a place that produces fabulous vegetables and fruit during the eary spring and summer months. How blessed am I? Only wish I could eat them today but they can't be gummed.

I have many questions around what we eat today. I have always cooked everything from scratch including my own soup stocks but was not fanatical. It just tasted so much better. Without the ability to enjoy food as in the past, it matters little today. I eat something/anything in order to survive versus flavour and texture. Saddens me profoundly as I was a Gourmet cook and enjoyed the meals I created. Continued to cook delicious meals for myself until my mouth and plate problems.

~ Tutte ~