Sunday, June 13, 2010

Warnings of Another PTSD Attack

What I have discovered over the years, is that the first symptoms of another onslaught is manifested in my body long before I become consciously aware of what is happening. Until I do, it feels as if I am dying. My chest constricts, can barely breath, my stomach feels as if I have an E-Coli virus, my heart beats to the extent that it feels as if it could explode from my chest. It's absolutely terrifying! I was totally unprepared for this when it first began 6 years ago. I was told I was Depressed. It wasn't until I looked up my Symptoms on the NET that I began to recognized the symptoms were those for PTSD. Once I had a diagnosis, I was able to inject my Conscious Mind into the exercise of diminishing the physical effects. Depending on their severity, it can take several days. So much needs to be discovered about this mental Disease and I am not sure unless someone is involved with War Veterans, much effort is put into this. Anyone who has suffered a major trauma whether others recognize it as such, needs to be studied and attended to. It's a Disease based in an uncontrable response to a major influx of Adrenalin, a natural occurrence to a Flight or Fight Response based in Fear and feeling Out of Control. At least that is my experience. With all the cataclysmic events occuring globally, there are millions of people who suffer from this without adequate treatment. That won't happen until it is studied further and more in depth.

~ Tutte ~