Saturday, June 19, 2010

Strawberries and the Thief

I just discovered this image and it brought back a flood of memories of which I am not too proud. I was once a Thief. There was a summer garden on our street in Denmark where stawberries grew. One day I snuck in and helped myself to those luscious fruits until my gut was aching.

Some weeks later, the family went for a drive on a Sunday afternoon and passed by a huge building in the distance. I asked what it was. My Dad said it was a prison for people who steal. With a sense of guilt, I asked if that included anyone who stole strawberries and there was a long pause. He said yes, anyone who steals something that doesn't belong to them and left it at that without questioning me further. What a relief. Needless to say, I never stole again. What a wake up call for a little girl who must have been around 4 or 5.

I love this memory and can visitualize both occurences perfectly. I guess I must have an acute Memory since I can recall so many details.

~ Tutte ~