Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Only People who have Loved Me Unconditionally - Now All Gone

My Best Buddy of 40 years - Allan. I met him when I returned to Denmark in my early 20's and our relationship grew over the 2 years I lived there. After that we remained connected and visited back and forth for 38 years. That's a real true friendship. He grew his wings at the age of 60 unexpectedly in 2008. I MISS HIS WEEKLY PHONE CALLS FROM DENMARK.

My Precious Sweet Mother - Lilly, who was my Role Model in terms of Patience, Courage, Endurance, Perseverence, Empathy and Compassion. She was my best friend for 63 years and I Adored and Loved her unconditionally. She had a very difficult life with enormous challenges to overcome and bore them all with grace and dignity. She died from old age at 98 in 2007. I STILL MISS HER. STILL HAVE A DESIRE TO DRIVE OVER FOR A VISIT IN THE GARDEN FOR A CUP OF COFFEE. SHE LIVED WITH ME FOR 6 YEARS.

My Beloved husband Arch of 20 years, who gave me the freedom to grow and discover myself without any limitations. In his eyes I could do no wrong. He also gave me my two beautiful sons, Shaun and Ryan along with 3 wonderful, supportive step-children, Leslie, Susan and David. I could write a multitude of paragraphs about his love for me and mine for him. He was truly God's Gift to me. He unexpectely died at home after a brief 4 month battle with stomach cancer in 1995. I SHALL FOREVER MISS THE MOST PRECIOUS, LOVING, FUNNY, and GIVING PERSON I HAVE EVER KNOWN.

My Father Egon, whom I Respected more than anyone else for his Intellect and Commitmentment to his Principles even though I didn't agree with some of them. He expanded my mind. He died from Leukemia in 1981. I SHALL ALWAYS MISS HIS GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT.

My Grandfather Soren, with whom I shared the most wonderful relationship for the first 9 years of my life. I never saw him again after we immigrated to Canada. He had the greatest impact on my childhood and I absolutely Adored him. The details of his death are illusive but I expect in was due to a heart attack around 1960. UNBELIEVEABY I STILL MISS HIM AND HE IS CONSTANTLY IN MY THOUGHTS AND DREAMS. HIS IMPACT ON MY LIFE IN THE FORMATIVE YEARS HAD THE MOST PROFOUND INFLUENCE OVER WHO I GREW UP TO BECOME AND THAT IS HIS LEGACY. NO ONE KNOWS THE IMPACT WE HAVE ON OTHERS DO WE? HE LOVED ME, LOVED ME, LOVED ME AND SHOWED IT IN COUNTLESS WAYS. ALL, I STILL REMEMBER. AMAZING SINCE I WAS 9 YEARS OLD WHEN I LAST SAW HIM AND HAD TO SAY GOODBYE. MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH PROFOUND GRIEF.

My Life has been truly blessed in having had these treasured relationships and the memories that are imbedded in my mind and heart for me to savour over and over again. They will forever warm and envelop me. I can't think of a more precious gift that anyone could have left for me.

~ Tutte ~