Friday, June 25, 2010

The Life I had Envisioned

This is how I dreamt I would spend my old age, pursuing and perfecting my hobbies. Whether drawing, painting, gardening and photography. None of the avenues to do this are currently available due to space and light. Another reason for a creative/artistic person to become so utterly frustrated on a daily basis. How many more years can I spend sitting in my PC chair and in front of my Monitor? 16 hours a day for 6 years is long enough. The PC has become my Lifeline and without it, I would be totally deprived of any outlet of expression and communication. My website and subscriber list is all that is left that gives me a daily purpose.
I must produce on a daily basis and despite the amount of time I spend in producing a quote, I love the exercise.

Without My PC, I would definitely go over the edge. I try not to worry about what will happen if my PC has to be replaced. Having no options in terms of finances SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What then???

~ Tutte ~