Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Anger Management

I do this by expressing my anger, hurt and frustration in a letter that I send to myself. It helps me relieve all my negative emotions. I NEVER forward that letter to the initiator. It would solve nothing except bring up a defensive retaliation. I never do and never have. Often at my own expense.I would far rather carry the hurt and attempt to forgive and understand the motivation/intention of the person who angered me. I recognized in my youth, it is never about me but a fear within the perpetrator. If you react without a thought of the consequences to the recipient, it's abusive. Any form of abuse is intolerable to me. When I reach my limit with someone who won't take responsibility or accountability I just remove myself. Some tigers aren't capable of changing their spots even though they know their camouflage would be more beneficial if they were stripes.

~ Tutte ~