Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Winter Storm

During long winter nights
I mourn, lingeringly, by your graveside
Unable to bear
Chills seize through my veins
And although,
I cannot turn back the hands of time
Time and time again,
I find myself asking...begging

Alone with my thoughts, and memories
Anguish closes in around me;
Coldness seeps into my bones
And once again, I find myself, aching
For the sound of those tiny footsteps
Treading so innocently across the floor
And the loud jubilant squeals of laughter

I grow weary trying to grasp
The center of my existence
Each day a mere silhouette of the last
I feel as though, I am but a shadow;
Treading in darkness, lost and confused,
Battered by a cold frigid wind
And precariously hanging on edge

Now heartache and pain
Consume the very depths of my soul
I pray for solace, that one day
I shall lay my weary self down
And rest, rest long and unencumbered
In a deep and peaceful sleep
Throughout the cold winter storm.
~ Debra ~