Friday, May 28, 2010

We Are All Like Leaves

A leaf in the wind
Being blown around the earth
Catching the currents
It falls forgotten

Never to be seen again
Life ends and begins

Like people living
Or people also dying
People will forget

Lost in history
You will be buried and left
Life will keep going

People will be sad
But in some time that will end
When you die life ends

You are forgotten
But a wisp of memory
Your life has ended

You will be taken away
From the Earth you love

After the crying
Your memory will subside
And then you are gone

Wiped from existence
All memory of you left
Sometimes remembered

Like that flying leaf
Your soaring will be your life
Some time you will fall

But true death will come for you
We are just like leaves

by Corwin Zekley 2008