Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Tongue

30 months ago due to a Major PTSD attack my mouth was terribly impacted. I lost my ability to produce Saliva and therefore no taste buds. After 6 months, the saliva returned and so did my ability to taste once again. However, I continue to struggle with a tongue that feels like the picture above. It continues to be one of the most irritating health issues I have ever had to deal with. It is always on Fire!

Due to the lack of Saliva, my teeth were also impacted, my fillings fell out as did my Crowns in my upper jaw so I had no choice but to get a dental plate. I have not been able to adjust to the change in taste when I wear them. Nothing tastes the same. Perhaps I have more taste buds in the roof of my mouth than others. As a result, today I eat foods that I can Gum so I have some enjoyment. What a horrendous adjustment to have to make for a Gourmet cook and someone who had an extensive repetoire of recipes.

This has been/is a huge cause of Grief.

~ Tutte ~